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Dr. Janu

Dr. Upasna Janu will be joining Dr. Brian Shuman and Dr. Adisa Ratanasirintrawoot at Associates in Periodontics on November 5, 2021. Dr. Janu is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Periodontology and Dental Implants. We welcome her to our practice! Please read about her background here:

If you were telling the story of ”you” around the campfire, how would it go?

I would start by explaining the meaning of my name. Upasna, pronounced ooh- pahss – na means Prayer. My last name, Janu, pronounced Jah-new, means sweetheart. When you meet me I hope you will see that I am a sweetheart ☺

I was born in India, and brought up in the capital of New Delhi.

I spent 5 years in training and received a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the Bapuji Dental College & Hospital in India. I was then accepted to the Indiana University School of Dentistry, USA and received my certificate in Periodontics and a Masters in Dental Science. My Periodontal program Director is friends with Dr. Shuman’s past partner, Dr. Paul Levi and highly recommended that I consider working with Associates in Periodontics.

I have an older brother and sister who both live in India. They have spoiled me with lots of love and I consider them my best friends.

My husband has a Masters degree in Business Administration, is a wonderfully supportive husband and a loving father. He is an avid sports fan and an excellent cricket player. He hopes to join a cricket club in Vermont so if you know of one, please contact Dr. Shuman.

We have a newborn son named Agastya who is 1 month old. Dr. Shuman told me that newborns do not ever sleep but so far Agastya has been a dream baby. My mom is visiting us from India and helping with Agastya so I am very fortunate.

I plan to start working with Dr. Shuman and Dr. Ratanasirintrawoot on November 12. We already have an apartment in Burlington and can’t wait for my favorite season, winter, as I love the snow. When I experienced my first snowfall it felt like white feathers falling on my face.

My personality is pretty straightforward and transparent. I have a sense of humor and love to make people laugh. I treat everyone with caring and respect and tend to put others first.

I learned from my Father the importance of being humble, down to earth and kind. My father always told me that “when a tree grows bigger and has more and more fruits it bends towards the ground”. That trait is an integral part of my childhood and I hope to pass it on to Agastya.

I love to dance and can often be found listening to music and dancing around my apartment. I also paint landscapes in oils and I cook delicious Indian food. From what I’ve learned, Dr. Shuman will find it very, very spicy. The AIP staff tells me that Dr. Shuman has a sensitive stomach and will never be able to eat the Indian food I cook. Indian food without all the hot spices may not taste so good but I will try.

What drew you to the field of Periodontics?

As a teen I loved to fix things. My upbringing taught me to take great care of living and non-living things. If something breaks you do not throw it out. Instead you repair it and keep it functioning for as long as possible.

Later on as I became interested in dental medicine, this mindset was a natural segue to the field of Periodontics where the goal is to repair and save teeth. Now, I am able to extend the life of a smile and if needed, replace missing teeth with dental implants.

A favorite perio school memory:

One of my best memories happened outside of the school clinic.

We participated in a canoe competition called Battleships. I really like being in the water but cannot swim. I figured being in a canoe would be safe. I quickly realized the game had nothing to do with a calm relaxing canoe ride. Rather the game was to sit in a canoe in a pool while those around you tried to sink you with water cannons.

My canoe sank very quickly and out into the water I went. At that moment, despite having on a life jacket, all my friends recognized that I had no clue how to swim! They came to my rescue and it turned out to be a lot of fun. But after the experience of almost drowning I promised myself that I would definitely learn to swim. And I will once I settle in Vermont and then maybe take a dip into Lake Champlain in celebration.

What drew you to our office, AIP?

Dr. Shuman. He was so different from all the other Doctors I have met. When he described the treatment philosophy of his office, the skill and caring of the staff, the kind referring dentists and the interested and appreciative patients, I just knew AIP was where I should be.

Besides starting work at AIP, what excites you most about Vermont?

I love the outdoors and as I mentioned, my favorite season is winter. Vermont is all about being active, enjoying nature and embracing the outside. It is a safe state and a perfect place to raise a family. That is all very exciting.

We can’t wait to start our new life as Vermonters. I hope to paint the beautiful scenery, learn how to swim, snowshoe and ski. I look forward to meeting all the patients, dentists and contributing to the community.

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