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Dr. Basali

Dr. David Harris Basali grew up in a quiet neighborhood just south of Cairo, Egypt. When not playing soccer and tennis with his friends, much of his time was spent observing & learning in his father’s dental practice. When it was time to choose a career, all that time spent at his father’s feet paved a clear path towards Dr. Harris Basali’s future. After graduating with High Honors and a Bachelors of Dental Science from Misr International University in Cairo, family once again shaped his path. Impressed by the educational rigor his cousins were receiving in the United States, he applied and was accepted to Tufts School of Dental Medicine, where he went on to become the Chief Resident of the Periodontology Department, work as a Clinical Instructor for the Periodontal Clinic, and conduct extensive research and clinical trials.

It was quickly clear that Dr. Harris Basali embodied one of AIP’s driving philosophies to take every possible step for our patients to keep their teeth - “When I first saw the disease process and patients unnecessarily losing teeth during dental school, it was devastating, but at the same time I realized this could be prevented. As I progressed, I found that I was always content to refer out a root canal or braces, but when it came to someone losing their teeth, I felt driven to gain the knowledge and skillset to help them.” Further, he instantly recognized AIP’s collaborative and community-centric ethos within himself.

New to Vermont, Dr. Harris Basali is looking forward to learning to ski, integrating into the tightly-knit Burlington community, and striking a balance between the “big city” and the expansive nature that Vermont has to offer.

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