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Patients say the best things about Associates in Periodontics

The team at Associates in Periodontics deliver the highest quality care in a personalized environment. We make treatment fun and enjoyable. Just see what our patients have to say!

“My life would be complete disaster ....”

From Z. Thomas
.... were it not for Paul Levi and his outstanding staff and associates. I take pride also that Dr Levi travels to foreign countries to share his genius and insight with gifted budding professionals.

“A Dental office that is relaxing….”

From Sloan
I love the fact that I felt no pain on a treatment that I was dreading. I had beautiful music playing on the headphones, an eyemask and very kind professionals. I never thought I wouldn't mind going to the dentist!

“Teeth and Gum care”

From David G.
I was referred to Associates in Periodontics by my regular dentist,last year. I've made three visits to them to date, and at each visit I was carefully examined, treated, and made to laugh! The visits are actually fun, and I leave with my mouth feeling healthy and clean!

“Top Notch Periodontal Care”

From Heather H
Dr. Shuman is a skilled, compassionate periodontist. He explains your condition, options for treatment and performs the prescribed procedure in a very calming manner. I have complete confidence in Dr. Shuman.

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