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Current reviews for Associates in Periodontics

Drs. Shuman, Levi, Kolesar, Halliday and our team love getting patient reviews. And lately, Associates in Periodontics, serving South Burlington and Barre, have been getting some pretty great patient testimonials!

We thought we'd share some with you today!

“they are the best.”

5 Stars, Audrey
They know what needs to be done, explain it thoroughly, and then do it. You can put your trust in them. They call after the procedure to make sure you are feeling well. If you send them an article about a procedure and question it, you will get a call at home from the Periodontist discussing the options.

“Oh No, A Dentist Appointment!”

5 stars, Pauline
Most people laugh when I say that it is always pleasant and I never mind going to an appointment at Associates in Periodontics, but I really don't! I have been a patient for nearly 30 years. The entire staff has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. I have the upmost trust and respect for the team from the doctors to the desk folks. Thank you for taking such good care of me for so many years!

“They always willing to spend the needed time…”

5 stars, Rita
I am so glad my dentist referred me to Associates in Periodontics for the work I needed done. The staff and doctors are always willing to answer my questions, explain procedures and choices in detail, and are very understanding. I feel lucky to be able to count on these highly professional individuals to guide me along through the process of caring for my teeth and gums.

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