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Coffee and diabetes, is there a connection?

At Associates in Periodontics, we know most folks enjoy a hot-brewed coffee in the morning, sometimes even followed by a latte in the afternoon. According to a recent study in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation, this might even be a good habit!

Whether you drink one cup o'joe or seven or more cups of coffee each week, the study showed that drinking coffee reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes. The study examined coffee consumption and diabetes risk in 2,332 Taiwanese men and women age 40 and older. Drinking seven or more cups of coffee a week reduced the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 63%, while those that drank just one cup o'joe cut diabetes risk by 33%.

Study results showed that there was a decrease in glucose levels as coffee consumption increased. Researchers speculate that the magnesium in coffee may affect diabetes risk, since it is known to improve glycemic control and insulin resistance. Coffee may also have contributed to weight loss.

Caveat: Coffee consumption and Type 2 diabetes were self-reported, so misclassification is possible.

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