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6 Healthy Habits For Living Longer

We at Associates in Periodontics are committed to helping our patients look and feel great. We've discussed the connection between oral health and heart health, but even between your visits, there are many ways you can start building healthy habits and living longer! A recent article from highlights 6 easy habits to get started with. One of them is a habit that we preach to our patients every day!

  1. Exercise- some studies suggest that daily exercise can add as much as three years to your life
  2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast- while eating healthy in general is always a great rule to live by, a balanced breakfast is an important part of feeling and being healthier.
  3. Get Enough Sleep- While there is still some debate over how much sleep we really need, sleeping less than seven hours a night can lead to major health issues.
  4. Brush and Floss Daily- A tip we tell our patients every day, your oral health is truly a critical part of your overall health too!
  5. Stay Social- A healthy social life spent with friends is another important factor to a healthy lifestyle that many people overlook.
  6. Drink Enough Water- While the jury is still out on the "eight glasses a day" rule, the message is still a good one.

Hope these tips help!

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