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The Associates in Periodontics Difference, a Patient Testimonial

It was indeed my pleasure to complete the online survey and prepare a review. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to communicate how I feel about your practice. Its quite exceptional to find a "vision" that embraces what really means the most to a patient in these days of "rapid business". More importantly the words are not simply "display material." They are practiced on a consistent basis and you are alert to developing new and improved initiatives. Having provided services since college, nothing means more to me than "passionately committed" to those you serve. That's what makes the real difference and it shows itself in so many ways when I visit your offices.

I wish you and your colleagues much success in future years.
Be well and keep warm!

My very best,


This review was submitted from an online survey, and republished without being altered in any way onto this blog.

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