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Patient Testimonials

Associates in Periodontics, serving Burlington, Barre and surrounding areas, has been receiving some great patient reviews lately! Check out what our current patients are saying about our team!

Recommended without reservation
Need a periodontist? Don't hesitate to call and make an appointment to see Dr. Schumann. You will receive down-to-earth advice in a positive and straight-forward manner. You'll leave knowing what you need to have done and why. It's a great place to do business and come out smiling!
By Lynn C., Jan 10, 2011

Exceptional Experience
I cannot say enough about the treatment and care that I received from Dr. Shuman and the staff at Associates in Periodontics. I had the utmost confidence in Dr. Shuman's ability to get me the desired result, and he did. Every appointment was handled so thoroughly and professionally, that it gave me the impression that I was the only patient in the practice. Dr. Shuman's personal follow up and caring attitude made me feel special. As a nice bonus, my proceedure was virtually pain free. I would highly recommend Associates in Periodontics and Dr. Brian Shuman for a great outcome and a very positive periodontic experience.
By Gary P., Jan 10, 2011

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