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December 14th, 2016

You’ve all probably received the survey I send out every 6 months. Your responses allow me to learn what we’re doing right and where you think we could improve. I read them every weekend, because my hope is for you to leave every appointment thinking, “that was enjoyable and worthwhile.” A surprising thought to have leaving a periodontist’s office, I know, but it’s our goal. I recently compiled data from the last 5 months to see how well we’re achieving that goal. Based on 1,025 surveys:

  • 100% would refer their friends or family to AIP
  • 100% rated their visit as very good or excellent
  • 100% rated the office cleanliness as very good or excellent
  • 99% of new patients felt they had a good understanding of their dental situation after their first visit
  • 98% have a high or very high level of trust in the doctors
  • 92% were seated right on time or within 5-10 minutes of their scheduled appointment


First off, I’m thrilled to see that we’re getting “straight A’s” in your book (we’ve been listening over the past 31 years, and we’ve learned a thing or two from you)! We’d be so appreciative if you would take the time to share your experiences with the community by reviewing us on Yelp and Google.

Second, while these numbers make me proud, we’re always striving to do better. The goal, of course, is 100% across the board. Please don’t ever hesitate to ask me, Dr. Levi, or any of the staff a question. Think of it like what they used to say in school: there are no bad questions! If you want us to explain something again or in a different way, we will be more than happy to do so. Got ideas on how we can improve? Send them my way at or let me know at your next appointment!


Holiday Sonicare Sale & Donation to The Vermont Foodbank

November 29th, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, maybe it's a little early, but our family traditions really start with apple picking and pumpkin carving in October and they don't let up until the New Year! In AIP tradition, I’m excited to let you know that we’re kicking off our annual Sonicare EasyClean electric toothbrush sale. I have them on special for just $57.94 (plux tax). This brush can be found at Amazon for $84 and Walmart for $79.95. In addition, for each Sonicare sold, I will personally donate $5 to the Vermont Foodbank.

It’s a great deal, a great gift for the holidays, a great way to maintain your oral health in the coming year, and a great way to give back to our wonderful Vermont community.

Speak to Kim or Jackie at the front desk to pick one up, or email me at to reserve one. The offer is good through January 1st, 2017 or until I run out of brushes. Rain checks will be available.

Spread the word, tell your friends, and let’s beat last year's $1100 donation to the Vermont Foodbank. May the floss be with you through the New Year!

Reflecting on This Year's Special Olympics

July 26th, 2016

As you can likely tell from the new technologies always popping up in the office, the conferences I’m attending, and the publications I’m reading, I’m always striving to ensure that the care you receive when you come into AIP is better every time. I try to bring that same approach to the Healthy Athletes Program each year at the Vermont Special Olympics. As soon as the event comes to a close, I start contemplating how we can make it even more useful for the athletes next time around.

For example, in years past we performed oral hygiene techniques on puppets for the athletes, but Dr. Levi’s words popped into my head, "That that’s like trying to teach you how to play the piano by watching me do it, but never asking you come over to the bench and try it yourself." For one, you’re going to get tired of me playing Chopsticks and Heart & Soul pretty quickly, and further, it’s going to be a real challenge for you to do it well on your own at home without the tactical experience of hitting the keys yourself. For that reason, we implemented hands-on, one-on-one brushing and flossing trainings with volunteer professional hygienists and dental assistants. We observed as the athletes demonstrated their ability to brush and clean between their teeth, then we offered tips, tricks, and techniques for each athlete to try out. I look forward to seeing all the athletes again next summer and checking in on how the trainings impact their oral health this year.

I was thrilled to host the largest number of volunteers to date: 12 dental students from Tufts, 2 from the University of Buffalo, 10 dental assisting students from Essex TECH, 6 dental hygiene students from VTC, 10 volunteer dentists, 5 dental hygienists, and 15 additional volunteers. I'm extremely grateful to everyone for dedicating their time and talents. With their help, we were able to screen a record 157 athletes.

The Special Olympics is an event I look forward to every summer. And it's one that I not only get to share with my seasoned colleagues, dental students up-and-coming in the field, and the wonderful athletes themselves, but also with my daughters. Before Alexx left Vermont to do that “growing up” thing (what’s up with that?), she would join me every year. She said: “I have vivid memories of immediately forgetting how warm it was under the tent the moment the athletes started streaming in and the day flying by. I could always count on a fun exchange, a rush from being around people who’ve just achieved something big, and an immense sense of gratitude at the end of the day." Now, it’s an event I get to share with my 15 year old Meika, who shared, “It’s a fun thing to experience because helping out makes you feel good. Everyone is so nice and respectful and it’s always nice to make someone smile. I really look forward to it every year!"

Images by Diane Dumas.

Give Him Some "Elbow" Room: Dr. Levi's Recovery

March 14th, 2016

As you may already know, Dr. Levi broke his elbow (see cool x-ray below) in late 2015. I’m thrilled to announce that his recovery is going well and he will be back in the office soon.


Currently, he is in Europe lecturing, touring, and learning Spanish as a second language. He will resume his normal schedule of working most Fridays starting in May. Be sure to say “bienvenido de vuelta” (welcome home) next time you see him!

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