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Introducing: Everseat

If you know me at all, you know I'm a tech guy.  My family stopped checking to see if the packages at the door were for them years ago.  "Another gadget for Dad," I'd hear my daughters groan (with affection, of course).  I'm always trying to stay on the forefront of technology in my home, and think it's absolutely vital to do so in my practice, as well.

I want your experience with AIP to be easy, comfortable, and fun from beginning to end. Technology helps me achieve those goals, whether it be lasers, digital x-rays, or intra-oral photos taken with a wand.

The latest tech is called Everseat.  It's a free smartphone app that allows you to book last minute appointments right through your phone.  Everseat stays up-to-date with our schedule so that you can too: you can see and be notified of our openings and request to reserve the time that works best for you. If nothing is available, you can request to be notified when one does open up via text.

Download it, and let me know what you think next time you come in!


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