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To “Move On” or Not To “Move On.” That Is the Question

By Brian D. Shuman, DMD

For the past 1 ¾ years, I have been planning to rebuild our office at 247 Pearl Street, Burlington. For a variety of reasons that dream has now ended. The 247 site is zoned for high-density residential use and the permit exception to rebuild a dental facility was valid for 1 year after the fire. Once the building insurance claim was taken to arbitration, any chance of building before expiration of the permit deadline was lost.

The arbitration took much longer than anticipated and during that delay, the tenants of the old 247, including AIP, became quite comfortable in their temporary spaces. The idea of applying for new permits, redesigning a building, undergoing a 1 year construction period, dealing with moving again, and the day-to-day stress a large construction project always brings, just became less and less palatable. (Pardon the pun.)

Honestly, based on your positive feedback about our new facility, the ease of parking, convenience and comfort, it became more difficult to justify a move. Add to that the emotional roller coaster we have been on for my family and my staff, and it was clear that now is the time to put it all behind us and “move on.” Or, in this case, not to “move on” but, rather, to stay put in our new facility at 1775 Williston Road.

Thank you all for your unending and unconditional support. We hope that you are also pleased with the decision to stay at 1775 and, as always, would appreciate your sending thoughts and comments to

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