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What Are Patients Saying About Associates in Periodontics?

Check out these reviews from patients about their experience at Associates in Periodontics. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, be sure to find us online and give our practice a call!

5 stars, Professional and caring, the BEST!
I travel over sixty miles each way for the Exceptional service provided by Dr.B.Shuman and his staff. Not only is Dr.Shuman highly professional, but his gentle and most caring manner provided me with painless surgery. Simply put,Dr.Shuman is the best! - Dolores

5 stars
You will be amazed at the personal and professional care from this office,from Doctors to office staff more like visiting friends than being an anonymous patient in the midst of a long day. - David

5 stars, Exceptional patient care
I had settled into bare minimum oral care hoping I was getting away with it. They gently helped me face the reality that I was developing periodental disease- and gave me the knowledge and tools and encouragement to turn it around. On only my 2nd visit, I already showed great improvement. Very positive and professional atmosphere. I felt so well cared for! - Lurlene

5 stars, Thorough and friendly
I had been putting off having a gum graft for some time, intimidated by the procedure. However, I finally had it done and am glad I did. The graft went smoothly and I was made as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Don't put off needed work as I did. - Lisa

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